What is PackerHub? How does it work?

PackerHub simplifies the quote generation process for Brand Owners and Co-Manufacturers. PackerHub provides Brand Owners the platform to submit their product specifications which we match against our database of Co-Manufacturers. As matches are made, Co-Manufacturers reach out to Brand Owners directly to finalize quotes and bring products to life.

As a Brand Owner, how do I initiate a quote request?

1. Create a free account here.
2. Once your account has been created, login and initiate a quote request using the Brand Owner dropdown. Note you can initiative an unlimited number of quote requests.

3. Once your request has been received, we will share your details with our network of manufacturers.

What is Co-Manufacturing / Co-Packing?

A Co-Manufacturer (aka Co-Packer or Contract Packager) is a company that manufacturers and/or packages products for their clients (Brand Owners). Particularly for new a Brand Owner, utilizing a Co-Manufacturer can provide relief from the financial burden of purchasing expensive manufacturing equipment and hiring production personnel. This allows you to focus on growing your brand and delighting your customers.

How big does my brand need to be to use PackerHub?

Our Co-Manufacturer network ranges from entrepreneur-focused boutique food kitchens (<2,500 units) to multi-national conglomerates (1,000,000+ units) and everything in between. Some manufacturers require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) so larger unit requests may result in more quotes for your product.

What Types of Co-Manufactures does PackerHub work with?

For a comprehensive list of production capabilities supported by our network, please visit our Brand Owner Registration. 

How much does it cost to submit a quote request form?

Submitting a quote request form is free.