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What is


  • PackerHub is a turnkey service that connects Brand Owners and Co-Manufacturers to streamline production efforts.
  • PackerHub provides Brand Owners the ability to submit their product specifications which we share with our deep network of Co-Manufacturers.
  • Co-Manufacturers review the quote requests and reach out directly to the Brand Owners to finalize the details and start production.
  • PackerHub allows Brand Owners to focus on delighting their customers while providing Co-Manufacturers a steady flow of production leads to utilize plant capacity.

How does PackerHub work?


Brand Owner initiates quote request.



PackerHub shares the request with our database of Co-Manufacturers.



Co-Manufacturers contact Brand Owners and start production!

Brand Owner

  1. You’ve worked hard to develop your product and are ready to connect with manufacturers to assist with production.
  2. PackerHub helps simplify the process of reaching out to co-manufacturers and requesting quotes on your behalf.
  3. Provide us with your product’s specifications and allow us to leverage our network of co-manufacturers to create a connection.
  4. Once your production needs are submitted, co-manufacturers will receive your request and reach out to engage in the quote process.


  1. You’ve mastered the art of production and are looking for new customers.
  2. PackerHub provides manufacturers with detailed production requests from Brand Owners in search of your assistance.
  3. Provide us with your plant’s capabilities and let us provide you with relevant Brand Owner leads that align to your expertise.
  4. Once you receive a production request that aligns with your capabilities, reach out and connect with the Brand Owner.